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Las Caras Lindas

Flor De Toloache

Recorded in just 6 days at Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY, Las Caras Lindas features a fierce quartet anchored by the rhythm section of Guitarron Black Belt Eunice Apparicio and Vihuela Timekeeper Shae Fiol, who also handles vocal acrobatics along with Violin Slinger and Shae’s Vocal soul sister Mireya Ramos. Tying it all together with amazing precision and tone is the sizzling Julie Acosta on Trumpet and the 3rd part in the group’s honey layered harmonies. Chulo Records may have another Grammy Nominee record on their hands, at the least.

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Mariachi Flor De Toloache

Flor De Toloache

The record that started it all, Latin Grammy Nominated in 2015, the self-titled debut album showcases deep and melodic mastery of instruments and vocals as well as a generational understanding of traditional Mariachi, successfully passed down from Mireya’s Mariachi father and an extensive river of influences from Mireya’s music-head mother Carmen. This is all threaded together by the modern r&b / soul influences of Shae Fiol, whose songwriting shines as she translates her tracks into the rustic and folky ambiance of Mariachi. Beautiful original arrangements give wings to trumpetists Julie Acosta, Jackie Coleman and Anna Garcia, who combine with Domenica Fossatti’s dazzling flute work to achieve orchestral hights. The cinematic violins come courtesy of Luisa Bastidas and Eva Lou Vossmerbaumer who are joined by Lila Downs band members George Saenz and members of NYC’s Banda de los Muertos. An auspicious start indeed.

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Yours, Dreamily,

The Arcs feat. Mariachi Flor De Toloache

“We got to New York City and we hired a mariachi band, thinking that some old-timers were gonna show up, and all of a sudden, in walk eight mid-20s girls. It was an all-girl mariachi band,” Auerbach says. “And they were just loud, very huge personalities. We put them on the track; they killed it. We decided to try them on another — same thing happened. We did another, and another, and then I said, ‘Hey, can you guys sing?’ And they were like, ‘Of course we can sing.'” Dan Auerbach – The Arcs

Freedom Is Free

Chicano Batman feat. Mariachi Flor De Toloache

”With its trademark organ, wah-wah guitar, Martinez working a sweet falsetto and the women of Mariachi Flor de Toloache providing resplendent call-and-response backing vocals, it proved to be a breakout moment.” Billboard

Los Villanos – Single

No Te Va Gustar feat. Mariachi Flor De Toloache

“Por su parte, el sexto tema, Los villanos, tiene un genuino sonido mariachi aportado por el grupo mexicano Flor de Toloache, un conjunto íntegramente femenino al que los integrantes de No Te Va Gustar conocieron en la entrega de los premios Grammy y con quienes generaron una buena relación que los llevó a realizar esta colaboración.” Nicolás Tabárez, El Observador

Porque Te Fuiste Dulce Amor – Single

Flor De Toloache

“Nos gustó mucho la canción cuando la escuchamos y pensamos que podía trascender a otros estilos musicales”, dijo Pablo Ahogado, Director of Publishing de Código, empresa que acoge todo el catálogo de Fania. “Nos encantó la idea de tener cinco mujeres empoderadas cantando letras de angustia en un género que suele ser dominado por cantantes masculinos”. Univision

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Puro Teatro – Single

Flor De Toloache

This rendition of ‘Puro Teatro’ composed by the late Tite Curet Alonso (author of many Fania classics) and made famous by Cuban diva La Lupe, is a huapango and is sang by Fiol, who also plays the vihuela. “I didn’t want it to be stiff, I wanted to blend what La Lupe did, a passionate, soulful singing that she does, but on the huapango”, says Fiol, who is half Cuban.  Univision

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Fania Medley: Las Caras Lindas / El Dia De Suerte – Single

Flor De Toloache

Como parte de esta colaboración entre Fania y Mariachi Flor de Toloache, durante el mes de febrero les estaremos trayendo en exclusiva versiones de otros temas del catálogo de este sello interpretados por el grupo: ‘Puro Teatro’ (originalmente cantada por La Lupe) y ‘Las caras lindas’ (de Ismael Rivera). Univision

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